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Food for your Acoustic Guitar-D’Addario Strings

Your guitar needs food to provide good sound and playability,comfort and longevity,and you really should not feed it with bad,rotten meals ,even if it is for an year or more! Strings are on of the major foods your guitar will work and sustain, I will discuss about the currently available D’Addario guitar strings for acoustic guitars here in Bangladesh.

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Floyd Rose Bridge alignment guide

I know many of you have frustrations aligning a floating bridge, and probably this is the best guide on the internet I ever found, please collect the pdf and if you have questions, keep posted below 🙂 Floyd Rose

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When to change your Guitar Strings?

Do I Ever Have to Change My Guitar Strings?   If none of them break then no, you really don’t. I know people who don’t even think about changing their strings and would never choose to. But what if you don’t have a choice? There are some factors that could be a clear sign that you should change your guitar strings.   …

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