Blackstar amps price list 2018 for GuitarNeverLies

Blackstar amps price list 2018 for GuitarNeverLies

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The all new Fly 3 blue tooth , Unity bass , Id core V2 are now available right here in Bangladesh, please see below of pictures with prices, and yes, registered users of Guitar Never Lies will get special discounts from World Music and golden Music company 🙂

LT Boost Pedal=6800/-

LT Dist Pedal=7500/-

LT Metal Pedal=7500/-

HT-1R Combo=24000/-

HT-408 Cabinet=30000/-

HT-5RS Mini Stack=62000/-

Fly-3 combo BLACK=6500/-

Fly-3 Bluetooth=7000/-


ID core 10V2 BLK=12000/-

ID Core 10 V2 Blue/Red=12500/-



ID Core 20V2=15500/-

ID Core 40V2=23500/



ID 15TVP=26000/-

LT Echo 10=6800/-

LT Echo 15= 8500/-

Unity Bass 30=20000/

HT 5R=42000/-

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