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Arif Hasan is the guitarist of Reform-The Band. He is playing guitar since 2009. He took his first guitar lesson from his very own elder brother. After then he took lesson from Himel Chowdhury near Gazipur for 6 monthes. After then he took lesson from AI Chopol at Uttara for 1 year. And then admit at Sazzad Arefeen's Guitar guidance school named "Guitar Never Lies-The School". Now he is also a part time guitar mentor at "Guitar Never Lies-The School". He joined a band named Anhik late 2014 and left Anhik at early 2015. Then he and Shahriar Hossain Niloy formed the band called "Reform-The Band". Reform is working on their own tracks on studio.

Tears In Heaven By Ruhul Amin Ronee (Student performance session Videos)

One of the greatest creation of Eric Clapton is “Tears In Heaven” which was written about the pain and loss Clapton felt following the death of his 4-year-old son, Conor. In 1991 “Tears In Heaven” was used as a soundtrack of a movie named “Rush“. This track is nicely covered and performed by Ruhul Amin Ronee. And this is one of …

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Joy Bangla Concert 2017 Unofficial Review

Hello good people, as my article title you already came to know what i’m gonna write here. Full review of Joy Bangla Concert 2017. Well this a massive event for the rock bands and rock listeners as well in Bangladesh. This is a very appreciable event by Young Bangla. I will go through every performance. 1.Spondan 1972: Spondon 1972 is …

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Bestota by Souls (Chords)

Song: Bestota Singer: Nasim Ali Khan Album: Aaj Din Katuk Gaane Band: Souls Dm                  C                  Dm-G7-Dm-Am Bestota amake dey na oboshor Dm                  C                        Dm-G7-Dm-Am Tai …

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Hello good people, this is my 1st installment. I heard many people to ask this kind of questions around every where. How to buy a second hand guitar? Which sides should be carefully noticed for buying a second hand guitar? Are these questions in your mind then lets go through this article. I will suggest you some common steps. Well, …

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