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Starters guide-Aria acoustic guitars

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Well,you may have known the name of Ariapro electric guitars , and we are happy to know that the same brand has been made available in bangladesh on their acoustic guitar product range,which is very convenient in price and both quality. Here is the last price list we had for Aria Guitars with discount for Guitar Never Lies.  You can check more about them on their official website here.All of the models below are available at World Music and Golden Music co.

Aria Acoustic & Classical Guitars:
1.AWN-15 – Tk 10,500
2.AWN-15CE – Tk 12,500
3.AFN-15 – Tk 9,500
4.AD-18CE – Tk 14,500
5.AF-20 (3/4) – Tk 10,500
6.Aria – 201CE – Tk 24,000
7.Aria – 211CE – Tk 25,000
8.Aria-215CE – Tk 26,000
9.FET-01 STD – Tk 14,000
10.FET-01 FX – TK 18,000
11.FET-Elite – Tk 16,500
12.TG-1 – Tk 11,500
13.AK-25 – Tk 9,500
14.AK-30 – Tk 11,000
15.AK-30CE – Tk 15,000
16.AK-35CE – Tk 18,500

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