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access_time June 25, 2016

Beginners find it very difficult to hold chords,learn and change them.This chapter demonstrates the easy way out of the frustrations,and

My Zoom G1xon

My Zoom G1xon

access_time February 28, 2017

This piece of gear is a tiny little beast. I like the fact that you can actually build you own

GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show-Episode-6(22.3.11)

GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show-Episode-6(22.3.11)

access_time February 24, 2017

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Admission Deadline for July

Admission Deadline for July

Admission Deadline for July

access_time July 9, 2017

All branches of GuitarNeverLies-The School will be having new admissions till 10th july,2017 . So please call immediately to admit yourself at 01610222211 ( 11 am to 6 pm) . This applies for all the branches at Mirpur, Uttara, Rampura and Niketon. To know more about the branches visit www.GuitarNeverLies.com/branches .  

Regards 🙂

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