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ALBUM REVIEW: “Boddho Manob” by Meta-Voyage

“Boddho Manob” has a brand new fresh sound. It has released on 2016. It’s the debut album of Rock band Meta-Voyage. They have 11 tracks in this album and I have tried a little step to write down about this specific album.

Track-by-track album review by Md. Riad Emam (from Chittagong)


Track 1: Chemistry of Mystery
The first track of this album as Intro. It’s an instrumental track. They have pictured a clear vision of mysterious environment by this one. Those who fond of mystery a lot this one is the starter for them before the meal.

Track 2: Doito Shotta
It’s the second track of this album. You can say it’s a masterpiece. You will become a fan of them by listening this Symphonic Progressive Metal stuff. Mankind have 2 separate existence, one is good one another part is evil one. To achieve victory, you must fight with the evil existence. The song contains very inspiring message inherited in to the lyric and the instrumental stuffs.

Track 3: Tomar Jonno Gaan
The fallen past that is behind you and you have no other option to get it back. It’s a song actually the spirit of a Husband is singing for his beloved Wife after he has been buried into grave. From the audience point of view, you may also include it to the rainy environment as it has both the romance and nostalgic flavor together. So, don’t be late just go ahead and add this song in to your playlist and listen to it. From my personal experience, it has touched my heart a lot.

Track 4: Artonad
“Artonad” means Howling in English. Now you have understood. Let me clear more. We have so many crises in our society. Peoples are inspired here by raise up hand and rip up all the frustration and superstition. This song is medicine for demotivation, demoralization and frustration. It’s kind of mixed genre type song because lyric has the concept of Thrash Metal and Composition has the tone of Power Metal. Like this song a lot.

Track 5: Killer (The Devil Inside)
A life story of a contract killer.

Track 6: Operog
Pure rock with melody. I have lost myself completely here with this lovey track. Purity of love and lost story specially the intro Keyboard works and Guitar Solo, you will definitely be going to love it and may cry while listening this song.

Track 7: Nil Prantor
They wanted to put this song in their next album (which they’re working on). The lyrics portray the beginning of the universe, the intermediate span, prior to destruction, and finally, during the destruction of the universe. It’s written in an abstract manner. It’s a progressive death metal song.

Track 8: Tumi Hina
A pure balled rock song of love and lost. They tried to put down some western and eastern classical combination into this song.

Track 9: Projonmer Ahoban
A song for youth to keep the world in granary. Save the work from being pollute. Specially the message part in the middle of the song describe how a Tree sacrifice its life for mankind and our beloved earth. Very inspiring Metal song indeed.

Track 10: Manush
The title track of this album. Most important part is the song is all the lyrics they have narrated as question towards the mankind or to a nation or to this whole world. It’s based with how a human get collapsed by the society and get so demoralized that finally he or she committed suicide and the Soul yelled to ask the rights towards the mankind after death. Another example of progressive metal song from this album.

Track 11: Journey to Infinity
Outro of the album. Also, they have drag a line to restart the journey through out their upcoming compositions.

Well, tried my best to give a short review of this specific album. Please pardon me if there’s any mistake I have done while reviewing.

The band: Meta-Voyage
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal, Experimental, etc.
Official Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/metavoyage/
Available Album URL: https://metavoyage.bandcamp.com/releases

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