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Stomps To Rock(Part IV) -কিভাবে প্যাডেল বোর্ড সাজাবে?

Stomps To Rock(Part IV) -কিভাবে প্যাডেল বোর্ড সাজাবে?

access_time January 3, 2018

যখন তোমার অনেক  গুলো প্যাডেল হয়ে যাবে,বিশেষ করে ৫ টি বা তার বেশি, তখন আসতে হবে কিভাবে সবগুলো প্যাডেল কোন

Rules of Guitar Classes

Rules of Guitar Classes

access_time July 22, 2018

আমাদের লক্ষ্য তোমাদের সঠিক ভাবে গীটার শেখানো , যার জন্য আমাদের নিচের নিয়ম গুলো অবশ্যই মেনে চলতে হয় আমাদের এবং

Sazzad Arefeen playthrough-“I am not afraid of you”

Sazzad Arefeen playthrough-“I am not afraid of you”

access_time May 16, 2018

Here is the video play through of his brand new track “I am not afraid of you”

About Guitar Never Lies

About Guitar Never Lies

GuitarNeverLies is a dedicated Guitar Guidance project from Sazzad Arefeen since 2002 in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Guitar Never Lies has also a large establishment on the following platforms as named as below:

GuitarNeverLies-The School

This is the official guitar schooling project , directly maintained by Sazzad Arefeen.


  • Classes are taken in one to one process; fixed time for individual students. No batch system is undertaken.
  • Serialized syllabus and Professional teaching and learning procedure.
  • Male and Female , children to senior citizens anyone who is serious and dedicated can apply.

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GuitarNeverLies-The Web

The website has been serving thousands of people with free lessons and discussions since 2009 , directly maintained and involved by Sazzad Arefeen.

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GuitarNeverLies-The Radio Show

200 episodes of the Radio Show had Taken place on Bangladesh as Season-1 of Guitar Never lies on abc fm 89.2 , from feb 8th 2011 to june 2014.


Guitar Never Lies-The School associates:

 General Manager

Sanjit Sinha Shawon

Contact mobile: 01610222211

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sanjitsinha


 Founder and Head Instructor

Sazzad Arefeen


Contact Email: iamsazzad@gmail.com



Assistant instructor(Present):

Arif Hasan

Email: bmarifhasan@gmail.com


Imrul kayes


Assistant instructor(Previous):

Sheikh Tanvir Karim Russel

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Mehedi Imam

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