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9 Habits that you should leave behind to be a good Guitarist

  1. Practice everyday, do not give space between and just keep yourself separated from your beloved Guitar,If you give it a break , you easily will fall out of form fast. Easy break up!
  2. Practice everything from your past, no matter how long you play, try to go back on your earlier practices to the present, this gives you a lot of variations, and things you had played wrong will eventually tend to push you to do it right.
  3. Practice on a metronome -always.
  4. Don’t try to play fast, slow down your tempo and see how many notes you play wrong.
  5. Pay equal attention on your Rhythm section as well as your solos, unless you Just have a different aim.
  6. Even if you have practiced something a lot, it does not mean you are the best for it,because maturity in music never ends.
  7. Don’t think you are the best, because you are not, you are always getting better till the end.
  8. Every show is a new show, so be sure you are up to the mark for the next NEW SHOW!
  9. Don’t try to be like someone else, because that someone else never tried to be someone else ! Just build up your own style.

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