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Now this blog might sound funny because it is titled to sound funny but it is not funny when you follow them,I am quite sure you have or once had a guitar on your corner of your room if you are reading this or you are already into it! now straight get down to the points:

  1. It takes 100000 or more hours to learn guitar, but 1 minute to quit , Have you got the patience for it?
  2. Have you got the time and scope to practice all those long hours?
  3. You need a minimum decent guitar to start, do you have the budget?
  4. Do you know from whom.where or how you will learn it?
  5. Do you listen to a lot of songs? it does not matter what genre but if you are not a good listener, you have a very low chance of becoming a guitarist!
  6. Are you lazy to move to places? you will need to move with your guitar and all when you start over.Think about it.
  7. What is your motive of learning guitar?Learning for yourself? become a rock star?play for fun? set it or drop out!Because none of the motives will be a easy way of learning!

Leave your comments if you want to add more!

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  1. April 02, 23:16 MD Himel Rahman

    AWesome Speech. but too much scary for a newcomer lol.. but its True.. not SAD BUT TRUE..

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