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7 Facts to think about if you are a musician or not!

If you are not a musician, you will definitely believe doing music is all about fun. But here is a list what music is all about for me:

1.have to let go maximum of my social connections and friends in real life.
2.Practice practice practice, thousands of hours of practice where day and night has less difference.
3.Get your ass burnt to buy some decent instruments
4. Get cursed by your family in most of the cases.
5.You can forget about earning money which comes last.
6. If you can continue a successful carrier, it does not matter at the end.
7. Still it’s all about passion of your life, and everyone in the world can’t be a musician.

Feel free to add more if you like on the comment section below!

About Sazzad Arefeen

SAZZAD AREFEEN is the guitar player from the band De-illumination, guitar instructor at GuitarNeverLies -The School,official artist of Blackstar amps.

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