ROCK JAATRA-Practice pad & Studio to look out at Kalabagan!

Milu Aman, Writer , Music journalist and producer of Various Hit Rock radio programs, after releasing his blockbuster Book Rock

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Zoom G3Xn-The small but effective Multi Fx

When anyone asked me on recent years apart from my analog pedals or amps,which would be the better choice for

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ঢাকা মাতালেন ‘গানস অ্যান্ড রোজেস’ এর এক্স-গিটারিস্ট- রন “বাম্বলফুট” থাল

‘ঢাকা রক ফেস্ট ২০১৭‘ এর আমন্ত্রনে ঢাকায় শো করে গেলেন বিশ্বখ্যাত রক ব্যান্ড ‘গানস এন্ড রোজেস‘ এর এক্স-গিটারিস্ট রন থাল,

Kousik Zaman

Ultimate Guitar chord chart

Assuming that you forget chords easily, or you are just too lazy to learn them all,or you just do not

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Adittya plays 7th arpeggios & chords

From Rampura branch of GuitarNeverLies.

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Ruhul Amin Ronee plays always somewhere

From Rampura branch of Guitar Never Lies.

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Starter Guide-Fix Your Barre Chords

Barre chords are truly the struggling part of being a new learner,we all struggle at some extent, more or less.

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Course Plans

আমাদের কোর্সে একেবারেই নতুন থেকে শুরু করে আগে শিখেছ বা Electric Guitar শিখবে,এমন সকলেই ভর্তি হতে পারবে। যার যা কিছু

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Acoustic Guitar Body shapes

Once someone asked me “I want a small guitar,because I have small fingers”. My answer was that is definitely not

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SPECIAL EDITION E-1 FR-S TRANSPARENT PURPLE BURST A limited run of these has just been released! Schecter USA Apocalypse-VI™ Bridge

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