Bayezid Bin Waheed-Capturing the bands

I have known Bayezid Bin Waheed for quite sometime now,and it was about time I thought the people behind the scenes

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Oceans apart day after day – A review on “Richard Marx live in Dhaka”

When I came to know the news that Richard Marx is coming to Dhaka I couldn’t believe it instantly. Like


Starters guide-Aria acoustic guitars

Well,you may have known the name of Ariapro electric guitars , and we are happy to know that the same

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PRS GUITARS Discounted price list for GuitarNeverLies!

The following is the latest discounted price list for the registered members or official students of GuitarNeverlies 🙂 , Have

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EVH Wolfgang Guitars Arriving in June’17

This is going to be a triple block baster year, EVH ,Eddie Van Halen the legendary guitarist’s signature series is

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Charvel guitars arriving in Bangladesh in June’17

We are happy to announce that the hall of fame and one of the major guitar makers are arriving in

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