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Artist Gears:Kazi Faisal Ahmed

access_time 6 days ago

Did you know his first acoustic guitar was from Jatin & Co? Kazi Faisal Ahmed is known for his long

Artist Gears:Setu Chowdhury (VIKINGS)

access_time 4 weeks ago

Setu Chowdhury, The name has been rocking Bangladesh for quite sometime with Rock Music industry, VIKINGS- the only band he

Artist Gears:Suharto Sherif(ARBOVIRUS)

access_time 1 month ago

SUHARTO SHERIF-The name is well to all of us who are into Bangladesh rock music, he also ventures into re

“Beshi Joss Drums” signs deal with Daraz!

access_time 1 month ago

Beshi Joss drums is the first custom drums manufacturing company of Bangladesh has recently signed an agreement with Daraz.Com.Bd on

বিশেষ ছাড়:BlackstarAmp+যেকোনো Electric/Bass গীটার কিনলেই!

access_time 1 month ago

এবারে মন মত বানিয়ে নাও Blackstar amp এর সাথে তোমার COMBO! BLACKSTAR এর যেকোনো মডেলের amp/bass amp যদি ESP, Schecter ,Jackson

ঈদে SCHECTER GUITAR কিনলেই ফ্রি গিফট থাকবে FOAM BAG!

access_time 1 month ago

প্রিয় সবাই, এবারের কুরবানি ঈদ থেকে শুরু করে পুরো এক মাস থাকবে যেকোনো SCHECTER GUITAR কিনলেই সাথে একটি ফ্রি ফোম